Nitram's New Drawing Device

Let's bring 2 thoughts together.

1. Drawing is the backbone of all art.

Michelangelo practiced drawing one hour every day.

Claude Monet began by dedicating two years to charcoal drawing.

2. Drawing with charcoal, is preferred, because the techniques used are very close to painting.

Therefore, we created the new Nitram Bâton.

A device that allows you to combine the best of both worlds.

 Nitram Baton


Here is a video of the NEW Nitram bâton in action at the Academy of Realist Art, Toronto, Ontario. 

Musical Note!

We worked with Gemini award winning Composer John Welsman along with Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra acoustic violinist Carol Fujino and Hugh Marsh - studio violinist to Hans Zimmer. Together they created an original music score for the release of the Nitram Bâton.

A few of the artists that have tried the Bâton.


Juan, Shannon, Estaban and Fernando from Academy of Realist Art, Toronto


Nitram Baton

Here's what Tanyss Horsley, Academy of Art Canada, had to say:

The New Nitram Bâton... "...allows me to stand back from the paper, which enables a good 'taking in' of the model" "...encourages a more gestural flow" "...provides a unique, sensitive connection with the drawing surface"

At Creativeworld in Frankfurt, Germany last week, the new Nitram Bâton was officially introduced. People would walk up to it... look at it... pick it up... and then... just start drawing. Most comments - "very cool"

Attention Artists!

Get your local art store to stock the new Nitram Bâton and Mignonette Charcoal Refill!*

Nitram Baton


You can get this Portfolio Art Bag for FREE!

Keep on drawing...

Jerzy Niedojadlo

Nitram Arts

*Nitram bâton is designed to hold the new Nitram Mignonette.


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