Speechless in Denver!

Travel does broaden the mind, unfortunately it also broadens your immune system. Sure enough, 48 hours after arriving in Denver for the NAMTA (Art Materials) trade show my throat starts to do a tiny tickle. And by the middle of day my voice starts to creak and croak.

This is only Day 1 of a 3 day trade show!!!!


I get back to my hotel room and I am shivering.

By 6pm I am in bed, loaded on Nyquil, Cold FX and assorted white tablet looking things. The next morning I am still a germ ridden mess.

The sounds I emit are like a frog in a choke hold! So Patricia has to man the booth.

During the day, between reading, drowsing and sleeping, my mind drifts in a Nyquil haze to muse on how I would communicate the following day if I could actually be at the booth but have no voice.

Signage of course!

What is the absolute minimum number, most coherent, no mistaking the meaning signs I would have to create in order to do this trade show?

I begin to imagine being at the booth and go through the customer/seller exchange.

Got it - 3 signs to rule them all and in the darkness bind them!

No time for a Power Point. Here's the scenario.

"Is this Charcoal?"  


"Is it Vine or Willow?"  


"Why is your charcoal better?"  


Blame it on Nyquil ;) ~Jerzy Niedojadlo

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