A Tale of Two Potties…

I was in France recently and while driving through a small town I saw this sign – Matériaux Anciens. Wow! Just the word "anciens" turns my crank!

So I pull a U turn.

Park the car.

I step through a set of very tall very old doors and discover acres of reclaimed architectural stuff!

Entire entrance doorways from Medieval churches.

Stone spiral stairs from castles.

Huge marble fireplace surrounds from chateaus

Wooden beams, chimneys, iron works with vicious spikes…

All there and all for sale.

The best part is that you can actually touch a piece of history!

As I wander around I come across this interesting item.  


I look at it from one side…

Go around and look from the other side…

Aha – it's a toilet!

Probably from some "Ancien" castle turret!

This MUST have been new technology!

Look at the "universal" instructions.

Place feet here to avoid embarrassing delivery practices.

I think about all the people that went before… well you get the picture.

Fast forward and I am at CDG airport in Paris ready to catch my flight home.

One last pit stop prior to boarding the plane. I look down and what do I see?  


Voila! New technology?

What would the "Anciens" think of this?

Would they get it or does this require a set of foot prints to be truly universal?

Jerzy Niedojadlo

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