The food and Fusains continue...

The charcoal has to cool down for at least 24hrs. NOTE - it must be kept out of the sun! Spontaneous combustion has occurred in the past. The charcoal was then loaded into old wooden boxes from a fish market. These belonged to Daniel's father and go back 50 years.
Lunch was at Le Petit Auberge in Champlost (pronounced "cham plo") Started with a puff pastry that had quenelle's and biftek in a lovely gravy - delicieux!
The second course a fish called "lotte" in French.
Tasty and reminded me of monkfish. Followed by cheese from three local farms.
AND dessert - a custard with meringue and caramel.
White wine with the meal and I had a coffee to stay awake for the afternoon. The food/funsains saga continues. Au Revoir.

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