The Last Notes

Video Credit: Signus Publishing, Thomas Graveleau, Nitram
Music: Gnosienne by  Eric Satie performed by Neil Cross
Artist Instagram:  @thomasgraveleaupainting
Bargue Encore Instagram: @charles_bargue_lithographs



 “Mozart Expirant” by Thomas Graveleau, Nitram Charcoal on Arches paper.


“This complex subject was inspired by a sculpture by Rinaldo Carnielo (1853-1910). It represents the last moments of Mozart. The sculptural lighting and tight atmosphere called for a vast palette of nuances and values. The excellence of Nitram Charcoal does justice to the quality of the original work. The variations in hardness allow a great flexibility of use, from the subtle background to the modelling of the face. Thus, the glow spreads from the face and gently radiates to the rest of the subject. It should be noted that the drawing is executed entirely in charcoal, without the addition of white chalk.

Only the highest standards in lithography should be utilized to reproduce a piece of work such as this. I went to Bargue Encore, because they use the same equipment and standards to produce prints like the ones that have been used to train fine artists for more than 100 years.”

~ Thomas Graveleau

Born in Paris, Thomas Graveleau spent his childhood travelling abroad. His parents eventually returned to France where he studied finance before working in a Parisian bank. At the age of 33 he discovered drawing through evening classes at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Valence and decided to make art his life. There followed 3 years of studies in illustration, after which he joined the Florence Academy of Art. Now an academic painter, you can follow his evolution on @thomasgraveleaupainting.

Bargue Encore was created by Genta Plasari & Pierre Alloueteau, two artists, publishers and collectors of Bargue's original lithographs. In order to promote academic drawing they produced exceptionally high quality prints of Charles Bargue's drawing course using the same type of press that was used to create the originals. To learn more about Bargue Encore visit

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