There is more to France than Food and Nitram...

A couple of days ago Daniel and I went to Auxerres to pick up some packing supplies for the shipment of Nitram back to Canada. More on that in a moment. Near Chablis there is the medieval town of Tonnerre. Here there are many "Vin Caves" which is the French name for a wineshop - sort of. But, this one place Daniel took me to had a cellar that was built in the 11th century! Check out the stairs going down.
11th century wine cellar stairs
Then in opens up with all these wine barrels.
Wine barrels in an 11th century wine cellar.
A short walk down a winding hall and there was this little wine tasting area. I did buy a few bottles of Sauvignon. Daniel did inform me that Chablis is the name of a town and not a type of wine. Back to Nitram. Check out the new labels.
Nitram's new labels.
The second picture is one of 4 pallets that are being prepared for shipment. Each box contains thousands of sorted batons of Nitram. We have been busy.
Nitram prepared for shipment.
Au revoir for now.

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