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Ehasaas by Vaibhav Naik

‘Ehasaas’ by Vaibhav Naik, 122"x 30", mixed media on paper (Nitram Charcoal, white chalk, pastel, pencil, gouache)


"I am a classically trained artist, working to explore an emotion of what exists in front of me at a given moment, using the technical and aesthetic experience I have gathered/garnered.

Over the years, I trained under the guidance of various mentors using different approaches. This has had a great impact on my artistic view and life experience.

With my work, I am trying to decipher the subject in an abstract way even though the final result is representational. In terms of my process, I like to rework areas and improvise till I am satisfied with the expression I am looking for. This allows me to constantly search for a design which is timeless and the artwork appeals to a wider audience whether they are an art connoisseur or not.

My roots are important to me and I believe that one can find answers in their roots. So, at present, I have chosen to experiment and express through drawing as a medium. With each project, I like to challenge myself so that I can keep growing as an artist. One such way is how can I harmonize various materials such as charcoal, graphite, white chalk, acrylics and pastels in my drawings. This is why I have also chosen this medium for my current show ‘Khayal’

I don’t feel the need to follow trends in society, because I am looking to be honest to my practice and what I enjoy. And in the process if the viewer can connect with it, I think that’s when art happens.

In my early artistic career, I was more focused on painting. However, as I matured in my art practice, I realised I needed a stronger foundation in drawing, and felt drawn to charcoal as my preferred choice of medium. During this time, it was common practice in my country to use any generic brand of charcoal and paper, however through following some ateliers outside of India, I discovered they we’re using Nitram charcoal. Around the same time of discovering Nitram charcoal, I joined India’s first atelier, where I was given the opportunity to use Nitram charcoal in all of my drawing projects.

Nitram Charcoal has been an invaluable aid in my artistic journey. I love the range of darkness, and how it is perfect for details as well as mass shapes. Nitram charcoal also helps me to developed my drawings patiently – layer by layer, while still looking fresh every time. This is why I used Nitram charcoal sticks and powder in my recent solo drawing exhibition. It allowed me to give full expression to what I felt and the visual poetry I wanted to convey."

~ Vaibhav Naik

photo of Vaibhav NaikVaibhav Naik b.1992 native of Mumbai, India inspired by his older brother started his art education in 2010. He graduated from J.J School of Art with specialisation in illustration in 2015.

His major influences that made his interest shift to fine art were Prof. Vilas Tonape and eminent Artist Vijay Achrekar. He also served as an assistant to both artist for 5 years which taught him various approaches towards representative art. During this period, he exhibited in various shows across the country along with having 4 solo shows. He his various awards to his credit Most recently, he was awarded a Bronze Medal in 2021 Annual Competition, Art Society of India.

He is currently working as a principal instructor at Samsara Academy of Art, Hyderabad.

Instagram: @vaibhav_naik_fineart


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