Well we are coming to the end of this batch of Nitram.

A couple of things to note. 1. A lot of the wood ends up as sawdust. 2. Rejected sticks of potential Nitram end up as fire starters. 3. Even after the firing there are batons that curve and have knots - rejected and to the firebox for them!
Nitram Sawdust
Ok we have done the duty part - here is what I had a Natalie's. First a country pate with a smidgen of salad to keep the arteries from freaking out!
Country Pate
NEXT... Kidneys in wild mushroom gravy with noodles that kept falling off my fork, but I managed. Now here is the really bad part... I had a second helping!
Kidneys in wild mushroom gravy with noodles.
I tried to convince Natalie and her husband to move to Canada and conveniently locate themselves near my office. In French she said that she does not speak any English. You speak the language of great food... who the hell needs English! Oh well, tomorrow I have been promised another interesting and local treat - of course I won't tell. You have to come back for the next instalment of food and those little black Nitramy things.

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