When the Medium is the Message...

Isaline Trubert from Poissy France ordered a large quantity of the new Nitram BLOC de Saule.

I wrote to her as I was curious as to why she needed so many of them. Here is what she wrote and sent.

We were very satisfied with the Nitram Charcoal. They corresponded perfectly with what my husband wanted to do. I am sending you attached photos of the work (Wall of Sound) 200 x 70 cm my husband (Valerio Fasciani) made with charcoal. He wants to know what size it is possible to make a charcoal.

The size of a tree trunk??

Very cordially.
Isaline Trubert

Valerio Fasciani Art 1
Valerio Fasciani Art 2
Valerio Fasciani Art 3
We can make large charcoal – a tree trunk? What has he got in mind?

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