Xavi Denia

Enjoy this charcoal portrait video tutorial. Video courtesy of Xavier Denia.


"Borraz" by Xavi Denia

‘Borraz’ by Xavier Denia, size 50 x 70 cm, Nitram Charcoal on paper


Xavi's love for art transcends mere brushstrokes; it's a profound exploration of the world around him. He sees drawing and painting not just as creative expressions but as languages that allow him to study and decipher the intricacies of life. For Xavi, art is an endless journey of investigation and discovery, a process that knows no bounds. Years of practice have heightened his sensitivity to growth, allowing him to feel the subtle nuances of his artistic evolution. His affinity for portraits stems from a desire to connect with people more profoundly, capturing the essence of those he admires and cherishes. As a dedicated educator, Xavi finds fulfilment in teaching, allowing him to pursue art on his terms, unfettered by trends or expectations. Through his art, Xavi invites others to join him on this journey of self-discovery and exploration.

Could you please share your insights on Nitram Charcoal?

For the past 15 years, Nitram Charcoal has been my trusted companion in my artistic journey, earning its place as one of my favourite materials. I firmly believe in the importance of understanding the tools we work with. Nitram Charcoal stands out with its exceptional qualities that enhance my exploration. With a diverse range of charcoal, from soft to hard, Nitram offers unparalleled control over the material's hardness, allowing me to achieve the precise effects I envision in my artwork.

~ Xavier Denia


Photo of Xanier DeniaXavier Denia is an experienced artist and educator passionate about exploring diverse artistic styles and teaching methods. With over 15 years of experience, Xavier understands the importance of fostering human connections and personalised learning experiences, which he prioritises in his teaching endeavours.

Drawing inspiration from his extensive teaching roles and workshops across Spain, Portugal, and Ukraine, Xavier has discovered the value of small group settings in making learning engaging and meaningful. He thrives on connecting with his students and tailoring his instruction to meet their needs, creating a supportive and interactive learning environment.

Xavier has been the Director of the Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art for 7 years, where he has nurtured aspiring artists and cultivated a vibrant creative community. He has also shared his expertise as a Professor of drawing and painting at the Barcelona Academy of Art and a professor of Digital Illustration at the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya. He contributed as an assistant professor in the first two Quarantine Events in Menorca editions.

In addition to his artwork, Xavier remains committed to inspiring students through intensive and extensive courses at his cozy studio in Barcelona.

Instagram: @xavi_denia

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