Zuzanna Salamon & Creative World 2024

Nitram will be exhibiting at Creativeworld January 27-30, 2024


A preview of Zuzanna Salamon’s drawing to be exhibited at Creativeworld 2024


"I love working with charcoal because its unique characteristics allow for a captivating exploration of textures, tones, and contrasts, making it one of the best tools for artists to experiment.

What I love about working with Nitram charcoal is the possibilities that this tool gives me- I can create rich, deep black but also subtle greys to create a dramatic contrast that allows me to create effortlessly layers of depth and dimension. Each line brings new shadows and highlights, enabling me to create dynamic compositions. As I hold a stick of charcoal in my hand, I feel an intimate connection with the medium and with what I am creating thanks to the ability of charcoal to smudge, blend and erase. It’s an empowering journey that allows the creativity to present oneself directly on a surface.

The versatility of Nitram products from fusain sticks to liquid charcoal, gives me the freedom to explore different techniques, from delicate hatching to bold gestural marks and expressive smudging.

One of the things that I value the most about charcoal is its unpredictability, the way that charcoal helps me to embrace imperfections and celebrates the beauty in the raw, unrefined marks. Working with Nitram charcoal, I can achieve different textures that add a unique quality to drawings, which is often difficult to achieve with other drawing materials. Each smudge and line tells a story of its own, weaving together a narrative that is uniquely mine.

To accompany this drawing for Creativeworld, I am planning to create cut-out feathers to incorporate a sense of movement into the wings. By sculpting individual feathers I aim to add depth to the illustration to create a more immersive experience for the viewer."

~ Zuzanna Salamon

Nitram charcoal on feather

photo of Zuzanna Salamon

Zuzanna Salamon is a Fine Art artist based in Edinburgh specializing in large-scale charcoal drawings. Her works focus on the exploration of the interplay between light and shadow and revealing the inherent poetry within the human form. Zuzanna exhibited in many international group exhibitions including the Royal Academy of Arts, the Royal Society of British Artists, and the Royal Scottish Academy. In 2021 she was awarded the Hermione Hammond Drawing Award.

Instagram: @zuzanna_salamon | Website: https://www.zsalamon.com/


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